Numbers do not lie and if this fact is anything to go by, then home security in the US is a grave matter today. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), there are over 2 million home burglaries every year and of these 66% are residential break-ins.

With your garage door providing main access to your home it is imperative to ensure its keen garage door installation and maintenance.

Appreciating the Crucial Role of a Security Door

To appreciate how crucial the garage door is to your home’s security, just walk into your garage right now and check what is stored there. The door risks being a security concern because:

It links to the house, which means any access by an intruder will automatically lead to access of the main house.

A lot of gadgetry is stored in the garage from camping equipment, swimming gear, deep freezers, ladders bikes and obviously your cars. All these items are costly and losing them can cost you thousands of dollars.

Security Risks Posed by Overhead Security Doors

So, is your garage overhead door serving its security purpose or making your home vulnerable? You just have to look at some of these situations to appreciate why you need to have the best technicians in Charlotte working on the door installation and maintenance:

Faulty openers: If your door has a faulty opener, it will be easy for intruders to tamper with it and gain easy access to the house. What’s more, if the opener conks just when you arrive in the evening, it might force you to leave your vehicle outside which is risky in most neighborhoods.

Type of remote: You need to invest in a keychain remote opener meaning you will never leave it behind. It is easy to forget the common visor remote in the car if it is outside. Such a situation clearly puts your home at risk.

Type of lock: If you do not have an automatic garage door opener, you need always to ensure you lock the door tight. What’s more, you need to talk to an expert garage door expert to learn the best door locks in the market lest you leave your home susceptible to burglars.

Poor maintenance: Simple maintenance techniques to avoid corrosion and any other garage door structural weaknesses can help avoid risks on your home. For instance, if intruders use a heavy object to hit the door they should find it hard to make it give away.

Your overhead garage door is a great determinant to your home’s security. As such, make sure it is always in topnotch condition and repaired with Charlotte Garage Door Experts.