Garage door is most certainly the largest mechanical object in your home. It is built with metallic components and therefore requires regular and constant maintenance in order to keep it working smoothly and safely throughout. Extreme weather conditions have adverse effects on the garage door hence the need for more maintenance practices. During winter, the garage door is one of the parts of your home which is mostly affected by the low temperatures. This makes your garage door dangerous in many ways.

During the cold months of winter, the metallic parts of the garage door are affected by the low temperatures. Certain parts of the garage door such as garage door springs and screws shrink and seize up affecting the integrity of the construction. The shrinking makes the screws loosen up hence making the garage door weak. This increases the risk of an accident hence can be very dangerous to the owner due to its lack of stability.

Winter is normally accompanied by regular or occasional rains in the affected areas. The rainwater however can be very bad for garage doors especially those made of wood. Increased moisture can cause the garage door as well as its surrounding to swell. If the frame and the garage door swell, the smoothness between the two comes under risk hence can cause the door to get stuck in one place or rub against the frame. This can be very dangerous since it affects the normal smooth functioning of the garage door. As a result, accidents can happen as one tries to remove the door where it has stuck.

Door freeze is also common during winter. In the event of water pooling at the bottom of your garage door, the door can freeze. This can be dangerous to you as well as to the door since it can cause some damage which would necessitate garage door repair service. In addition, ice can also form on garage door tracks and obstruct smooth movement of the garage door. However, the only way to release the door is by melting the ice.

The garage door openers are also susceptible to weather changes. The parts enclosed in garage door openers are moving parts and operate best when lubricated. However, during winter the parts are affected by the moisture, the water and the cold temperatures such that their consistency changes. This affects the lubrication and functioning of the garage door opener internal parts as well as the sensitivity of the opener that allows reversing and stopping. In addition, most lubricants such as grease do not work well when subjected to cold. Such temperatures harden grease and thicken it making it a very poor lubricant. This can cause damage to the door or even put you under great risk.

Therefore, it is very important to take precautionary measures before the winter season in order to avoid the dangers that winter can bring. It’s always good to prevent a problem than to cure, hence it’s good to prepare your garage door and put measures necessary to deal with the winter conditions such as sealing cracks, insulating the garage door, replacing old doors and using heaters among others. Charlotte Garage Door Experts have all the necessary expertise to give you the best service and advice concerning winter effects on garage doors and necessary preventive measures.