The average size of a garage in Charlotte homes is 500 square ft. How many of us take full advantage of this space? How many of us really park our cars in garages anymore? If you think about it, it might make sense for you to convert your garage into a home-office or a guest room. But if you have little kids in your home, it is best that you convert your garage into a playroom for full efficiency. Think about it, it becomes really hard for the kids to play outside during winter since Charlotte winters can be harsh. Also, if your kid loves Legos, ouch! Legos lying on the living room, Legos on your bedroom.. Well, if you could dedicate a full playroom for your kid, you can have her confine all her Legos to that single room, thereby saving you a lot of pain!

Should I try DIY?

A lot of DIY junkies out there would’ve got the adrenaline rush just thinking of a garage conversion project. It might sound easy at first glance but if you really think about it, the flooring and new garage door installations could get a little tricky and might make more sense if they are left to the professionals.

If you’re only going to make partitions however, DIY might be a good idea. It’s not that hard to make a wooden partition and paint the walls. There are the main aspects to a garage conversion that you should pay attention to.


Your garage might not have needed insulation in the past but if you’re going to convert it to a playroom, it is important that you consider it as a living space in your home and air-condition the same. If you’re going to start air-conditioning the garage, insulation becomes necessary to save energy. You might want to call the Charlotte Garage Door Experts for professional insulation services.


Hard cement flooring could seriously injure kids playing in the garage. You can consider changing the flooring to foam hardwood or if you find that expensive,you can carpet the cement floor with minimal cost.


Garages are painted plain white or grey-ish and you probably never minded this boring theme. You cannot expect the same from your kids when you introduce them to their brand new playroom. You will have to repaint the walls with bright colors or also cover the walls with kid-friendly wallpapers that are easily available.

Garage Doors

Garage doors are normally fully opaque and this might not ideal for a playroom. Consider replacing the garage door with a wall and windows. A french window is also a good idea for a playroom. If the garage door is important for you and you’re going to keep it, you can have the garage door opener installation professionals make holes and install windows on the door so that they are not fully opaque.

Before you start with your garage conversion project, you should look at the house planning laws in your city. Although Charlotte does not have such laws in place, cities like Dearborn have a garage ordinance which necessitate a garage in every house. Also, if you have an old car, you might regret the conversion if you get car troubles during winter.