Experts has release a list of Tips to keep your Garage Door in Good Condition to avoid Damages. If you follow the tricks discussed here, your door will operate smoothly and serve you for a longer time with minimal visits from a garage door service company

1. Lubrication

Apply lubricants to all the moving parts to ensure that they operate in a smooth way. Failure to do so may cause the moving parts to wear out due to excess friction. We recommend silicon based lubricants simply because they do not harden during the winter season. Applying excessive lubrication may cause the door to malfunction.

2. Inspection

Do a quick inspection of the door and check for any tell-tale signs such as loose nuts, screws or bolts. If you find any please tighten them using the right tools. In addition, check if any of them is missing. You can also check for any cracks, bent front panel or broken garage door springs or rollers. If you find any please call a qualified technician to advise you further before the garage door fails or close or open.

3. Unusual noise

While closing or opening the door pay attentions and listen to any unusual noise. If you hear anything, try and see if you can be able to find the root cause of such noise. If you have no clue, simply call a garage door service company.

4. Obstacles

Never leave obstacles on the way of the door, this will ensure that when the door is closing, it is not damaged by obstacles that are left along the path. Many people have reported damaged doors as a result of obstacles that have been left on the way especially when closing the door using automated systems. Though some doors have sensors, there is a chance that the sensors may fail to sense the obstacles.

5. Cleaning

Clean the door once in a while, during the summer season, wash it with water and a home detergent to get rid of dust and any other dirt that may accumulate. During the winter season, remove any snow that might accumulate on the door especially when there is a heavy snow cover.

6. Battery replacement

This might seem obvious, but if you fail to replace dead remote control unit batteries, your door will not open and you may be required to call a garage door service company especially if you do not notice that the batteriesare dead. In some cases, a number of home users have damaged garage doors while trying to open them after the remote control unit failed to send a signal to the opening mechanism.

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