The garage tends to be the most spacious room in the house, unless you have already converted it into a storage space or use it for some other purpose. However, at Charlotte Garage Door Experts we are giving you awesome ideas for accessories to invest in to turn you garage space into a multi-purpose use area.

  1. Storage system – depending on the space you have, you can get storage systems large enough to store heavy machinery like lawn mowers. This will prevent randomly strewn things getting in your way as you drive in and out of the garage.
  2. Workbench – this will be useful for your DIY projects, and you can have inbuilt shelves for your work tools. You can either buy one or build it yourself if you are at home with tools.
  3. Garage floor mats – these provide an easily maintainable surface, and hide any flaws on the garage floor. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and are absorbent.
  4. Ceiling bike racks – storing bikes can be a major pain, but these racks help you to make use of that space overhead. You can also get racks that go on the floor, but give some order to your bike storing practice.
  5. Fishing pole racks – forget leaning them against one of your corners, nail a fishing pole rack to the wall and protect your poles from damage while making them easily accessible.
  6. Hose racks – you can get a simple rack to mount on the wall of your garage, or take it further to have an automatic one which reels the hose in and wraps it tight.
  7. Garbage cans – a large can with castor wheels for your garage is a necessity. This will hold indoor trash for longer, and the wheels make it easier to move once it fills up.
  8. Toolboxes – use these to store your tools in an orderly fashion rather than strewn in random places.
  9. Can racks – to hold your poisonous chemicals and keep them out of the reach of young ones e.g. aerosols, pesticides etc.
  10. Refrigerator – you can have a deep freezer for your bulk purchases, or a small fridge to hold soft drinks while you work in the garage.
  11. Parking stops – these are useful if you keep bumping into stuff or the wall on your way into the garage.
  12. Door guards – prevents your car from getting dents or scratches from the walls when you open your car doors
  13. Fire extinguishers – even if you have small ones in the house, you can have a large one or two mounted on the wall in your garage.
  14. Dartboard – great for a fun with friends; adds character into the space
  15. Personalized signs – useful if you want to turn your space into a recreational pad or game room. Check online for decorating ideas.
  16. Utility shelving – store tools, equipment and chemicals in an orderly manner
  17. Ball bags – for your children’s balls. They can hang from the wall
  18. Kennel – allows your dog some warmth when it’s freezing outside.
  19. Ladders – every house should have a stepladder. You can mount it to the ceiling or place it on the top shelf on the wall so it does not get in the way.
  20. Hooks – have plenty of them, for everything.

Last but not least, safeguard your garage space with a best-suited garage door. Trust Charlotte Garage Door Experts to suggest you the best one.