The following article will look at how to maintain a garage door, how to make quick fixes on various damaged parts—particularly springs. Maintaining the quality of your garage door is very important. There are various steps to take when you want to maintain and tune up your garage door.

The first thing you want to do is inspect your garage door using nothing but your eyes. Visually inspecting your garage door is something you will have to do every day as you open and close your garage door. Make sure it is symmetrical when it opens and that there are no creaks when it opens or closes. Any other problems, such as loose hinges, broken wheels, etc will require the experienced eyes and hands of a specialist technician.

Perhaps you can do the inspections and minor fixes by yourself. Or maybe you are a garage door  repair specialist. Either way, if you can, you will need to tighten up the bolts and roller brackets.

Protecting your house and keeping the wind, rain and all other elements out is vital. This means inspecting the garage door’s weather-stripping will have to be a priority. If the weather stripping used up, you should go to your nearest hardware store and purchase a new weather stripping and install it on your garage door.

And then comes the springs and the rollers and all the other moving parts of your garage door. All those moving parts of the garage door have to be lubricated at regular intervals. The creaking noises your opener or springs (et cetera) are making are most likely coming from dried up parts—friction may be causing those noises and damaging the hardware.

Garage door maintenance does not end there, though. You should also take a long look at the door panels themselves to ensure they aren’t damaged. This could either be water damage, faded or peeled paint, dents, cracks and fractures, et al.

To protect the springs and opener and other parts from damage, check for all and any sorts of debris. Check for any debris that may lie along the garage door tracks. That debris will have to be taken out. Not everything is entirely fixable with your standard household tools. Some parts of your garage door hardware may have extensive damage. These parts require the work of a trained garage door specialist.

Maintenance, repairs and replacement for garage doors can be a costly and time consuming exercise. Maintaining broken garage door springs and garage door spring replacement, like maintaining any other garage door parts, can be rather mind-numbing. To do it well, you would do well to make a habit of out it. If you do this, it will become a simple, every day task.

To inspect your springs, disconnect the power used by the automatic garage door opener to stay safe. Detach the opener it from its opening structure. Take a good look at the torsion shaft, ensuring its rotation is all right. If does not rotate as it should, it would be wise to get a specialist to haul off the springs and to apply some lubrication to the shaft.

Afterward, get the technician to take a look at the center mounting bracket. Make sure your springs are well lubricated year-round and your garage door will work just fine.