Residents of a sub-urban city were in for a rude shock one chilly December morning. The city had received snowfall the last night and was literally covered in a thick blanket of snow. However, the real problem arrived when people stepped out towards their garage doors in order to get their cars out. To the disappointment of most of the residents they were not able to open the door. Detailed inspection revealed that the mechanisms of these doors were severely affected due to the snow. Some had contracted metals parts, while others leaked grease.

These are some of the most common garage door repair issues that you can encounter in case you live in a city which experiences a dip in mercury every now and then. The resultant snowfall can damage your garage door and you can be forced to incur heavy investments on related garage door repairs.

If you live in Charlotte, which receives snowfall quite often (although not every year)( it is imperative that you account for the damages that your door can sustain due to snowfall. Hiring the services of a professional in this regard can prove to be of help. We at Charlotte Garage Door Experts are one of many such experts. We adopt a detailed step-by-step approach in order to ensure that your door remains in top shape during winters. Some of these steps are:

  • First and foremost our experts will take a detailed look of the door. This helps them in deciding the extent of damage and the related causes. Next, we take corrective actions depending on the seriousness and nature of the damage. Getting a paint job done is mandatory in case the door is a wooden one.
  • Next comes inspecting the safety features. Most modern doors are equipped with motors which control their functioning. Hence, our experts always ensure that these mechanisms are functioning properly before advancing to the next level. The standard procedure that we follow is disconnecting the motor and then trying to lift the door manually. Any lopsided movement of the door is considered a red flag.
  • Next our experts will ensure that the parts are properly lubricated.
  • Next we make it a point to ensure that the sensors are working properly as these parts often get damaged when exposed to snow and dirt. This is a vital step to ensure your safety.
  • The final step involves replacing the bottom seal.

By following the above steps we ensure that you do not face inconvenience while operating your garage door during winters.