If you are a household owner, it is most likely that your garage door has at one time or the other conked just when you needed it most. Like most homeowners, you might have been tempted to try some DIY repairs on the door, but most likely this never worked.

Risks around a Garage Door

Garage doors can cause fatalities due to their bulk and speed. In fact, this is the largest moving part of your house and the danger it poses when not well maintained can be devastating. It is advisable to have a local Charlotte North Carolina inspector carry out safety inspection lest the garage door springs or opener jams while your kids are playing beneath it.

What to look for in Safety Checks

If you are hiring a professional to inspect your door, some of the important features and aspects of safety to undergo checks include:

  • Reversal features: The American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHITI) reports that since 1982, there was formulation of a voluntary industry standards to have automatic reversal system on all garage doors. This became law in 1993. If this is not working properly, it needs immediate replacement.
  • Visual inspection: This is an important aspect of a garage door inspection for hardware failures. An inspector checks any wear and tear on springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys among other parts. Such professionals have the expertise to notice any problems.
  • Door balance: This is obvious even to a layman because an uneven door has problems either opening or closing. You might also note an uneven leveling when it is halfway. This might indicate a hidden problem and only an expert can fix.
  • Emergency release: Most doors have this feature, which is an extension of safety features. If you cannot see an emergency release handle then call an expert immediately.
  • Unusual noise: While most garages make some noise, there might be a change in the usual rhythm. A homeowner should not ignore this during an inspection as it could portend more problems, which can be fatal. For instance, the springs might be frayed out and straining under the weight.

Well, it looks like homeowners can even carry out most of these inspection tips personally but it is always better to have a Charlotte Garage Door Experts working on such operations. For instance, checking the tracks when a garage door is open can prove fatal if there is an automatic garage door opener. This is why an expert is always best suited to carry out safety inspection.