How much do you value your garage door? To answer this question, you just need to look at the last guy who repaired it and the quality of parts he used. If you never used a professional garage door expert then you do not really care for the most important part of your house, which is risky.

Professional Door Repair Redefined

At Charlotte Garage Door Experts, we are guided by a passion for quality, customer satisfaction as well as long-lasting services. This is why when a customer approaches us and asks how our door parts compare to typical replacements we just refer such to the last project we worked on.

Having worked in the industry for over a decade, our technicians have achieved a knack for the best replacement parts in the sector. As such, we will not be coming to repair your door carrying cheap imitations of LiftMaster or Delden parts.

In fact, we source every single item or technology from the manufacturer to avoid disappointing you. To appreciate why it is so important to use the right garage door parts during repair, you just need to consider a situation where there is use of non-genuine parts. Here are some likely scenarios:

  • Safety risks: If a duplicate garage door spring bulks under the weight, while a family member is around this situation can be fatal. Children are most vulnerable because they are unaware of the danger. Our moral philosophy does not want you to go through such a situation.
  • Property damage: Imagine if your garage door opener malfunctions just when you are driving out your new ride. Yes, you’d be cringing because duplicate replacement parts can cause that situation, which is why you need to let a credible expert carry out the repairs.
  • Security jeopardy: If a lock replacement is vulnerable, it will be easy game for burglars. However, top brands replacement locks ensure your garage door serves its security function optimally.

Our replacement springs have received citing, numerous times in testimonials by residents from York, Alexis, Fort Mill and other areas in Charlotte. They are more durable than standard springs in the industry and we take pride in providing such parts. Why take any risks? Just call us today.