We understand everything about the things we love. You definitely love your car and your home and the one thing that benefits both in more ways than one, is your garage so it’s wise to understand that one aspect of the garage that separates it from being an ordinary room and being the solid precautionary measure that it is.

Charlotte garage door experts felt the need to educate its customers and followers on different parts of a garage door, to help them understand them better –

Rollers – They are like the link between the doors panel and the tract they follow. They don’t fail as often as other garage door parts, but they may fall out of alignment every now and then. Should that happen you should get it fixed at the earliest to avoid any further complications.

Cables – You probably already know that cables bear almost the entire weight of the door when it opens or closes. They do have a limited span of life and if you witness them exhibiting signs of tiring, it’s best to replace them before they snap completely. You shouldn’t try to do this yourself as the entire door’s weight is to be tackled and it weighs a lot!

Springs – They have a very simple but crucial function of counterbalancing the weight of the garage door when it is opened. They should be replaced once they lose their strength. The actual duration depends on the quality of springs you use and your usage of the garage. A smart way to check the power of the garage door springs is to manually open the door halfway and see if it drops on its own. If they drop dramatically, you should change the springs.

Tracts – The door rolls in alignment on them. It is possible for the door to come off alignment in which case, you should have them realigned.

Sensors – They keep the door from closing when something in in the way. They should be in their proper location and facing each other to function aptly.