Have you pressed your garage door button and the garage door motor is functioning but the garage door is not going up? Does your garage door opener require repair?

When you give Charlotte Garage Door Experts a call, you will be pleased that they offer you a no obligation quote through the phone. Most often Charlotte Garage Door Maintenance Experts can substitute the gears in your garage door opener and save you hundreds of dollars for Garage Door Opener Maintenance. Why substitute your garage door opener when a simple garage door repair can save you cash and extend your garage door opener for approximately 10-15 years?
Additionally, in the event that you do require to substitute your opener, they provide both chain drive openers and Lift master whisper drive openers. Both choices come with two remotes, safety sensors, wall buttons and optional exterior keypads. Quiet and smooth, but as versatile as a steel belted tire, 3280 1/2 HP Belt Drive is your ultimate choice if you require both smooth and quiet running reliability, or just have rooms placed above your garage. Charlotte Garage Door Expert’s 1/2 HP heavy-duty motor is fitted with a Motor Vibration Isolation System that eliminates power head vibration for lowered noise. It additionally features a steel T-rail with automated belt tensioner on the trolley, with an enhanced belt drive mechanism for a more safe belt grip.

The LiftMaster 3850 is an expertly installed opener with an integrated standby power system. It will drive the opener for forty cycles in a 24-hour period, and automatically recharges when the power returns; an audible signal indicates when the power is off and the EverCharge Standby unit is being used. The security and safety features will continue operating as well, making sure your family is covered in a power failure. The garage door opener also has a smooth start and stop to lower the garage door noise as it opens and shuts. Rugged, dependable performance is what you will get with LiftMaster 3255 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener. Its long lasting 1/2 HP motor together with a strong chain drive offers smooth, prolonged performance year by year. A part of the series, is the option of value and reliability.

Today’s garages go beyond a place to just park your car. So if you require the additional storage space above, have a cathedral ceiling, or even an over sized garage door LiftMaster 3800 Residential Jackshaft opener is the best engineered solution to suit your garage door opener needs. It mounts on the wall next to the garage door, additionally it has a remote 200-watt light which may be placed anywhere in the garage. The EverCharge Standby Power Unit which continues to drive your garage door opener even when power goes off makes it more convenient.

Garage Door Repair

Does your garage door require repair?

Your door won’t go up or go down. Maybe your garage door got off the tracks, the remotes won’t function or the cables are loose. Maybe you have an issue with your safety sensors or garage door springs. At Charlotte Garage Door Experts,  You can achieve various garage door solutions and they take pride in saving their clients money.