Broken garage door spring repair is a job best left to the professionals. What many do not know is that spring repair and replacement is actually an incredibly dangerous job as there is a lot of tension in those tightly coiled springs. If left in the hands of an amateur DIY “expert”, the spring could suddenly uncoil and surprisingly, there’s enough tensile strength in there to shred skin and break bone. Instead of taking a trip to the emergency room, contact a garage door spring replacement professional and they will advise you as to when they can assist you with your busted garage door.

Broken garage door spring repair can happen to anybody with a garage door. While the springs are designed to last for many years (decades in fact), they can and will break, causing the garage door to come crashing into the ground.

With garage doors, there are two different spring types: the extension springs and the torsion springs. Torsion springs are located above the opening of the garage door and are much harder to remove and replace then extension springs (which run along the track of the door in a straight line). Torsion springs also need to be sized correctly so that you don’t waste money on the wrong size – the cost is usually $100 for a single spring.

So that’s two reasons as to why no one should attempt to repair a garage door without a professional. Wasting cash, and possible injury. Not only is it fairly difficult to size the spring, as we mentioned, but sourcing a retailer is another laborious job.

The cost, which is usually under $300 dollars for repairing two busted springs – is a welcoming boon for anyone whose garage door is no longer operating. Garage door repair professionals usually have the correct spring sizes stocked in their trucks and know exactly how to measure the wire size, including the length of each spring and the inside diameter.

What follows, and once the repair person is ready, is much lubricating and banging at the old, broken torsion springs in order to safely free them from the garage door mechanism. Once you’ve seen exactly how much work it is you’ll be happy that you left it up to a true professional. So more pros and cons of trying to do it yourself includes:


  • You may put in the wrong spring size and will have to spend hours or days correcting this costly error
  • Having to purchase the right tools to go with the job. Repairing or removing springs requires a certain set of tools, that can easily spiral the costs of your personal garage door repair project


  • A garage door expert may be able to offer you a warrant on the project, including the labor and parts. What if the spring breaks after you’ve just repaired it, do you really want to go through all that again?
  • A garage door service repair person will be able to detect if there are any other faults with your garage door. In the long run, you’d be able to save money by fixing an “invisible” yet existing fault.

Garage door spring replacement is no laughing matter. Contact experts like the ones today and get your door back in working order.