Do you have your garage door spring broken? Had you aimed to get to work and had your garage door spring broken, then don’t worry any more. At Charlotte Garage Door Experts, we offer assistance to this. You may consider that you are the first individual this has occurred to. Garage door spring repair are one of the most called repairs in Charlotte Garage Door Experts

Garage door springs holds the entire weight of the main garage door. The springs are stretched under pressure or wound, tightened and loosened as you open and close the garage door. It is a garage door spring, not garage door opener, which lifts and supports the 350 plus pounds of garage door.

Like something else under pressure, finally your springs will crack. Do not worry; visit Charlotte Garage Door Experts

what to do when Garage Door Spring is Broken? Is a great question, The answer is to follow the following repairing steps.  

Step 1 - Get your vehicle out of our garage

Primarily, you most likely need to get your vehicle out of our garage. Then pull the red emergency cord situated above the door to allow you to lift cars’ door manually. Be cautious since the garage door will be heavy since the spring renders the door weight unbiased. If it is difficult to open by yourself, call a family member or neighbor to help you. If you by accident drop the door while lifting the spring, do not stop the door using your foot. If it drops on your foot, it will ruin your day.

Step 2 - Identify your spring

Next, choose which kind of garage door spring you need Torsion or Extension

Torsion spring runs diagonally a bar, at the top of the interior side of the garage door. This spring’s are wound and are under huge tension. It’s the strain of the torsion spring that enables the weights of the garage door to be lifted

Extension springs are found on either side of a door, at a 90-degree angle to it. The springs act like large, steel rubber band and stretch as the garage door is lowered. There natural tendency is to lift the garage door.

Extension springs and Torsion exert forces equal to the weights of your door. This counter balances a minimum of 200 pounds to a maximum of 300-pound door rendering; it weights neutral so that it can be opened easily. If the garage door springs breaks you can manually open the garage door, you need to exert much more force to open the door.

Step 3 - Buy New Springs

Now that you identified the type of spring you own, you need to buy new ones for you to garage door spring replacement. Normally, garage door springs can be installed at same occasion. Having undergone similar weathering and aging, having a broken garage door spring is an initial indication that the second springs will break soon. Of course, you could still wait until they break but then you’ll be required to go through the process of repairing broken spring again. Step 4 – Installation

When you need to install your new garage door springs be careful. It is a complicated and lengthy process .it can be potentially dangerous. Keep in mind, garage door springs are under tension and wound. You should make sure you have the correct tools before you begin the job. Some of the tools include:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Rag
  • Ladder
  • Socket wrench and sockets
  • Two 1/2″ x 18″ winding bars
  • Two 10-inch vise grips
  • Ruler
  • Safety glasses
  • Good lighting

Now this is the process of actually repairing broken springs is, as you would picture. It is a great job. Be warned, the job requires a good deal of patience and time .These garage door springs are highly wound under pressure, so don’t rush through or do it unsystematically.