A garage is one of the most important spaces in your home. It is here that you keep valuable items including your car, lawnmower, and bicycles among other items. More importantly, it provides one of the main accesses to your home and as such can pose a security risk if does not have proper installation and maintenance.

Convenience of a Garage Door Remote Opener

If you are like most homeowners, you have already invested in a remote door opener. It is a convenient tool that saves you time when you come back home or when leaving. However, the frequency of usage also means automatic openers get faulty regularly.

Critical Role of the Door opener

When a door opener is not working properly, it jeopardizes the lives of those living in your home as well as makes the home vulnerable to burglary attacks. In essence, your garage door is only as good as the functionality of the remote opener. This is why any problem such as a jammed opener, failure to close shut or reversing problems must necessitate a check by a local Charlotte Garage Door Experts.

You need to appreciate that your door opener falls in three categories namely:

Belt-drive garage door opener, which operates silently is long lasting and easy to install.
Chain drive opener is the least expensive door opener around but also noisy because it uses a shaft and a rocket driven chain to lift the door.

Screw drive opener, which is a reliable opener due to minimal moving parts such as gears or chains.


To appreciate what the problem could be, you need to have an idea how the system works. Your remote controls the drive system on the garage door. If there are any obstacles along the path of the door, a warning will be set off on the remote.

If the door opener is not working properly, the problem could be in the radio transmission system or the remote itself. The problem could also be in the receiver mounted on the door motor.

Working with Garage Door Experts

All these problems are very technical thus calling for expert diagnosis, unless, you mess with the system thus exacerbating the problem. When you work with an expert garage door remote opener service, you will benefit from highly specialized skills and expertise.

These Charlotte technicians understand all types of doors and use top brand door parts with lifetime warranty. Whatever time a problem occurs, an established repair service in your area will be readily available 24/7 thus guaranteeing convenience.