Those who have felt the convenience that an automated garage door provides will likely never go revert to a manually opening garage door. Especially in poor weather, there is no better feeling compared to a simple press of the garage door button keeping your property dry. That being said, that storm might bring with it outages that might leave your garage door damaged and you kept out in the cold. Additionally when you are inside the garage having no power and you require to get out for work it is vital to understand these steps on how to manually open a garage door.

Staying in Manual Mode

The red rope runs the garage door spring fixture to the trolley. If power is going to be off for a long duration of time or the garage door opener motor is faulty, then you may need to remain in manual mode. If you want to continually open the garage door in manual mode it is vital to pull the rope down towards the garage’s back so that it does not get stuck on the tracks.

Trip the Trigger

Virtually all door openers possess a bypass switch for instances like when power goes out, the remote opener dies, or a motor gets damaged. On majority of openers there is a rope having a handle on the end. This manual release handle separates the trolley from the fixed point to the rail. Pulling this rope will place the garage into manual mode hence if the garage door is up, it could come crashing down. For safety, always activate the garage door opener handle when the door is closed.

Re-fixing the Garage Door When Power Returns

After utility people have restored power in your home, you will likely seek to take full benefit of the conveniences of an automated door again. To rejoin the trolley attachment, just pull down on the cord however this time pointing to the garage opening to have the lever from engaging. Pull the door until it returns into place and you are back in automated mode. If that is too confusing, just click the button on the garage door remote opener and the garage door track will force the spring system back into place.

Clear the area of objects and people when releasing the door in the up position.

Do not hang from the cord if it does not release. It consumes some force to separate the lever however hanging from it could lead to damage to the lever or rope.

Things to Keep In Mind About the Release Cord

Something you need to keep in mind about utilizing manual mode is that even if some track or door components may be corrupted, the automated system will have the garage functioning. Broken or weak cables and springs are helped by the garage door track, making the garage one whole unit. Of course, when you separate the garage door track, bad things can occur prompting garage door repair, garage door opener repair, garage door spring repair, new garage door installation or garage door repair service.

If you get there is damage to a garage door cable or the door opens unevenly, ensure you contact one of Charlotte garage door experts certified personnel. Their garage door special offers and certified professionals with the experience and tools at their disposal to fix your opener safely and efficiently will be of great help to you.