Did you know that the typical American garage closes shut and opens 1500 times a year? And that most garage openers are expected to operate about 10,000 times before experiencing some type of mechanical failure? Not surprisingly, experiencing issues with you garage door opener is inevitable. Having the ability to pull into your garage with the click of a button is great, but experiencing the panic and frustration of a door opener that is broken or not working isn’t. Luckily, many times you will not have to call a garage door opener repair service provider. You can solve some problems on your own.

Is it Necessary To Call a Garage Door Opener Replacement Service Provider?

It’s easy to tell when your opener is on the fritz. You click the button, and what you expect to happen doesn’t. If you pay attention to these specific details, you’ll be able to tell if you need garage door opener repair services or not. For example, if the motor on the opener produces a strange sound, best to inspect that individual component.

Here are four garage door repair tricks that will work every time:

  1. Fix the power source of the garage opener wall unit. If your remote is working as usual, but the wall unit is not engaging the opener, the power source is likely your problem. You can tell your remote is working, but the wall unit is not by the LED light flashing when you click the remote button. Figure out if the power source is battery operated or electrically powered by inspecting the unit. To address the problem of damaged wires inspect the plug or wiring on the garage opener wall unit to see if there is damage that is visible. This includes exposed, scorched or broken wires. If it is battery operated, test the battery. From there, replace the battery or fix the wires on the unit.
  2. Fix the car remote. Sometimes it isn’t the wall unit that’s the problem, it’s the car remote. Many remotes come with LED lights that show you a code that diagnoses the problem. Figure out what the code is by checking the manufacturers’ website or calling a garage door opener repair service technician and fix the problem accordingly.
  3. Fix any electrical issues you can. Check your house’s fuse box to see if the circuit that controls the garage door opener has tripped. You can tell it has tripped because it won’t be in line with the other breakers. Try turning the breaker off, wait a minute, then turn it on again in order to reset the connection even if it looks fine. Sometimes it’s a matter of replacing the fuse.
  4. Clear the areas around the sensors. This could be the regular sensors or the safety sensors. Safety sensors will be mounted on both sides of the door, just at ten to twelve inches in height. They should beam a light, one red and one green across your garage door’s opening. Figure out if the beam is being blocked or obstructed in any way. Sometimes the sensors can’t catch the light of the other sensor. This is often the culprit when your door opener stops during operation. Wipe the sensors down to remove any water, dirt and residue. Clear any obstructions, and attempt to open the garage door again.

When Do I Need garage door opener replacement services? 

If these four tips do not solve your problem, it may be time to seek the advice of a garage door opener repair technician. For damaged wiring located in the fuse box, or in your home, it is always best to seek help from an electrician.