You should fix your broken garage door spring as soon as possible. Professional door spring replacement firms in Charlotte can replace broken springs as well as extension springs on commercial, residential and industrial garage doors with ease. Here are some of the frequent asked questions about door spring replacement Charlotte:
Why do garage door spring break? There are a number of reasons why your door spring can break. They include: springs that have not been maintained or properly adjusted, normal wear and tear process and extreme fluctuations in weather. Whatever the cause, when your door spring shatters, you will definitely know. Your garage door will not only refuse to move, but you will also hear a loud noise when the spring breaks – it can even be dangerous to onlookers if it snap.

What should you do when the spring break? In most situation, when the spring breaks the door is normally down. But in some situations the garage door spring might break when your garage door is in motion or up. If this happens, your garage door will come down swiftly. To avoid accident, you should not attempt to operate or move your door when it is in this condition. Instead call the professionals at Charlotte garage door springs repair service. Garage doors are very heavy and can cause a lot of damage to property and even cause injuries.

What are the dangers of broken spring? Springs should not be repaired or adjusted by people who aren’t properly trained to do this job and do not have the right tools to perform the job. Additionally, continuing to operate or use your garage door with a broken spring is quite dangerous as it can damage the door and its electrical opener system. The best repair for broken spring is to replace it with a new one. Garage door springs comes in different sizes and functions as balance – they lift the door. This allows your garage door to close and open with the assistance of a garage door opener or manually.

What is the lifespan of a standard garage door spring? A standard garage door spring has a very short lifespan. It lifespan is measured in cycles – one cycle is measured when the door go up and then come down. While there are different lifespan options, standard garage door springs come with a ten thousand cycle lifespan. The more you use your door, the more you will need to replace the spring. For instance, if your spring is a 10,000 cycle spring, you should expect it to have a lifespan of the following years depending on your daily usage:• 14 years if you use it twice a day• 7 years if your use it four times a day• 5 years if you use it six times a day• 3 years if you use it eight times a day
Once the spring has reached its life-cycle, it can break, release all the tension and it can no longer assist the balance of your garage door. Most garage door springs break when the garage door is in the down position because this is the time when they have the most tension. For any kind of help you can call Charlotte Garage Door Experts in Charlotte NC.