Statistics can be interesting, if not shocking. Take for instance, a report by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) stating that a burglary takes place every 13 seconds in the US. The report adds that 2 cars are stolen every minute and clearly, this paints a gloomy picture for home security. This is where your garage door comes in to the picture.

Main Access to the House

What has a garage door got to do with security, you might ask? Everything – this is because it creates major access to the interior of your house. If the door is not functional, it poses a threat to all living inside and your property as well.

Safety Concerns

However, that is not all; a report by the International Door Association (IDA) reckons that about 70 kids have died since the late 1980s due garage doors accidents. Clearly, it is time to have an expert inspect your door and initiate repairs promptly.

However, if you live in Charlotte, North Carolina there are many garage door repair services. How do you select the best among these? Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Licensing and insurance: Always work with a company that has necessary licenses and carries insurance for its workers and services. This means any damages or injuries during the repair projects will not be your liability.
  • Reputation: In the service industry, it is all about reputation, which you can easily be confirmed by seeking referrals, checking with the local Charlotte BBB for accreditation as well as reading testimonials.
  • Expertise and experience: Technicians repairing your garage door must have training, certification and with registration to practice in North Carolina. What’s more, you must check their past working experience in the area as well as on the type of garage door you own.
  • Comparison: You should ask for quotes from different companies in the area to gauge their professionalism and response time.
  • Range of services: Always work with a company that offers the widest range of services including 24/7 services, springs, garage door opener, panels, and cables repairs among other services.It is also important to check the company’s address, equipment, and customer support, guarantees and warranties.