Have you been wondering how to freshen the look of your house? Most likely, you have been thinking of reworking the lawn or some other form of landscaping. What you do not know is that a little play with color on your steel garage door can give that impact you so much desire.

Aesthetics Married with Functionality

Your garage door is of course a major security installation, but you can now go a notch higher and make it the focal point of your house. The whole idea is to give it an aesthetic appeal by getting bold with the colors.

Getting Down to Work with Colors

Unfortunately, if you are like most homeowners, you have already neglected this important façade of your home, thus, diminishing the overall house appeal. Well, here are some ideas to start you off on giving your home a fresh breath of appeal:

  • Match your house color with the steel door: This is a win-win situation and you should not fear getting this bold. It makes your house appear larger than it really is.
  • Draw attention to the front door: If you want to get a magnificent curb appeal, go bold with the front door colors. For instance, choose orange, deep brown or any other color that contrasts with the garage door paint. This gives your home a touch of classical touch blended with contemporary design.
  • Avoid matching front door colors with the garage door color: If you love seamless décor then you must avoid similar colors for the main house doors and the garage doors. It gives a disconnected flow because of the stand-out colors on the doors.
  • Avoid multiple colors for the garage steel door: If there is one letdown in exterior design, it is a mixture of colors for such a large part of the house. It easily confuses the whole aspect of décor, as there is no single focus of attention.If you live in Charlotte, there are multiple garage door styles to choose from which you can then paint to suit your architectural design and the overall color palette. You just need to talk Charlotte Garage Door Experts to get invaluable advice.