Your garage doors need regular attention, just like your cars! And, basic maintenance talks about cleaning, oiling, and shooting graphite into the lock.

When you get the garage door repair, or garage door installation, or garage door replacement done, you very often believe that the job is over. But, hold on! You still need to carry on with a few things on timely basis and do away with the up keeping issues.

And, to know some of the tips for basic maintenance of garage doors that you can practice easily, read on!

  • Keep the tracks clean and also apply some light machine oil in that.
  • Do not use plastic parts as oil or any spray can weaken plastic.
  • Put some silicon lubricant or a light oil in door rollers, bearings and hinges. Make this a monthly task.
  • Attend to the alignment of the tracks. If they are not in line, wheels can drag.
  • Keep a check on the bottom brackets of the garage door as loose brackets might lead to injuries and door damage.
  • In the old garage doors, even the high-end steel springs can break and wear out. Here is when, you are required to contact an expert for garage door repair, or garage door installation, or garage door replacement.
  • If the cables that attach the garage door spring to the bottom are seemingly cracked, you need to get them repaired immediately. These broken cables are a serious threat to property and can cause injuries too.
  • Never allow children to operate the garage door. Ask them to keep away from throwing rocks or balls or other things at the door. Giving the garage door opener as a toy to kids can turn out to be fatal. Be careful!
  • Get to know about using emergency release. If someone gets pinned by the door, you can always use that skill. And once you engage the release, you will be able to lift the door by hand.
  • When it is about garage door repair, or garage door installation, or garage door replacement, it is not difficult to do it all by yourself. The only thing you require are the right tools, apt instructions and a bit of skills. Also, remember that installing a garage door calls for a lot of tolerance and accuracy as it might take about eight hours or even longer if you are inexperienced.
  • After you are done with installing the door, try opening and closing it. If it doesn’t move smoothly, there is a spring issue.