When was the last time you had your garage door repaired? If you are still trying to conjure up the date, you are jeopardizing your family’s safety and their security in a big way.

Your garage door is an integral part of home security. However, it also poses a great danger if it malfunctions when someone is around. This is why at Charlotte Garage Door Experts we pride ourselves in providing the best maintenance services, thus, keeping the lives of hundreds of families safe.

First things first, if you were to choose a garage door repair expert, what questions would you ask first? Here are some ideas from the industry:

  • How long have you been in this industry? A garage door company is only as good as experience it has gathered not only in Charlotte, but also beyond.
  • Is your business licensed? If the company claims it is a licensed contractor, just ask for its license number and verify this. For instance, we offer licensed and bonded services not only in the city, but also in outlying areas.
  • Do you have any professional affiliations? Any reputable garage door repair company will have associations with bodies such as International Door Association (IDA) among others. These bodies ensure quality through a code of ethics among members.
  • Do you offer any guarantee or warranty? A reputable repair service will offer lifetime warranty on its services because it is confident about them.
  • Which products do you use? Any established company will use the topmost brands in the market to replace any damaged parts. We deal with all brands from All-star to Rayner and all others.
  • Do you offer after-sales support? Due to the technical nature of the door repair, a credible company must follow-up regularly to ensure the maintenance work is successful.
  • How important is safety to you? The company must demonstrate that it cares for you and its workers during and after the project.
  • Do you offer emergency services? These are crucial because garage doors can conk up any time.
  • Do you have accreditation with Charlotte BBB? A reliable company must be A+ certified to show it only offers professional services.

We are well equipped to offer any range of repair work, so contact us today.